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Tara Lynn will capture your spirit in a unique wedding dress,
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  View Tara Lynn’s unique wedding dresses, bespoke hemp suits and read about clients eco-friendly weddings. 

Unique Wedding Dresses by Tara Lynn
Hemp Suits by Tara Lynn

Quality, eco-friendly, unique wedding dresses and bespoke suits with custom, personal touches.

Handmade in Vermont

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Eco-friendly Wedding Dress

Tara Lynn hand embroiders butterflies in the studio. Click to contact Tara Lynn – Photo by Daria Bishop 

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Tara Lynn offers extraordinary customer service with in-house fittings.  A private client portal allows you to view images of your order being made in Vermont.


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You just found the place for truly unique Eco-friendly Wedding Dresses and Suits Custom-made for you!

Were you feeling out of place in the sea of white, fluffy, taffeta wedding dresses and stiff tuxedos?

Are you looking for a unique wedding dress or bespoke suit that captures your spirit?

For a truly personal experience speak directly with eco-couture fashion designer Tara Lynn.  Tara Lynn has been outfitting brides and grooms for eco-friendly weddings since 1999.
Wear something special that feels like you!


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Tara Lynn is a certified tailor and graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology.  She has been making custom hemp and natural fiber clothing since 1999.