Be Radiant

Tara Lynn Bridal conceives ethereal beauty from earthly wisdom. Eco-fashion designer Tara Lynn creates ethical wedding dresses because she cares just as much about the women who wear the dresses as she does about her creations.  Every one of Tara Lynn’s brides is exalted in a natural-fiber, wearable-art gown that is as sublime as the bride herself.  Tara Lynn’s mission is to create fashion sustainably, uniquely and in a way that gives back.

Women who choose Tara Lynn Bridal don’t see marriage as an institution; they see it as an affirmation— a resounding “yes!” to the Universe that they have found the person with whom they are their truest, most radiant self. The woman who chooses Tara Lynn Bridal does so because, surrounded by the elements and people she loves most, she wants to enrobe herself in a gown that asserts her intrinsic spirit and complements her best features—just like the person she is promising her heart to.

So, why Tara Lynn Bridal?

Because you have found the one.

Custom Wedding Dresses
Inspired by you! Fit your eclectic style, natural body, and unique personality. View the Custom Collection.
Tara Lynn Bridal Collection
Hand embroidered flowers, tailored seams, vintage lace applique or beaded dew drops. View the Tara Lynn Bridal Collection.