A Boho Chic Wedding Dress for a Boat House Wedding in New York

Possibly the most meaningful wedding attributes for a bride and groom is the union of love and families. It certainly was the case for Rebecca Cousin and Monty McKeever, now known as Mr. and Mrs. Monty McKeever. The lovebirds were wed in a “magical” boathouse at Silver Bay by the water of Lake George.

Rebecca exclaimed, “We chose this location because it is beautiful, can easily accommodate a large party of guests, with somewhere to stay, eat, drink, enjoy nature, and be together. It is also very close to Monty’s family’s lake house. The whole area of Lake George has a lot of good memories and special times for us and for his family over many generations. We were excited to share this place with so many people that we love. One of Monty’s older brothers got married at Silver Bay in their chapel. So it is also starting to feel like a tradition.

None of our grandparents could make it, so we put pictures up of our grandparents on the mantle with candles and flowers, and mentioned them at the beginning of our ceremony.

We asked everyone to take a pebble, make a wish for us, and throw it into the lake at the end of the ceremony! It was fun. And it is amazing to think that one day, maybe one of our grandkids will be swimming in the lake and pick up one of those rocks.”

Although there were vast memories made that special Spring day, the instant right before the official union of these two individuals may have been the most breathtaking. “I will never forget the power of the moment when I first saw Monty as I was walking down the aisle to him.”

Boho Vintage Wedding Gown Hemp Silk

Rebecca getting ready for her wedding with her classic and elegant Tara Lynn Bella dress made of hemp and silk.

Boho wedding hair style and flower arrangements

Boutonniere (left) and Rebecca getting her hair glorified (right) with handcrafted, vintage flower hair accessory by Jaya Lee’s Green Trunk Designs.

Special Wedding Moment Bride and Father Boathouse Entrance

The special moment when Rebecca first saw Monty.

Boho vintage boathouse wedding love

Lake George Boathouse Wedding Flower Petals Romantic

Dock at Lake George (left) and flower petals scattered across the boathouse wood floor (right).

Boho Vintage Backless Wedding Gown

Wedding Cake Decorations Love Birds Catering

Love birds sit atop a chocolate ganache cake with raspberries (left) and appetizers are decoratively placed on a candle-lit table (right).


“Our cake was made by Monty’s niece Mathilde and her best friend Sophia. It was a chocolate ganache cake with raspberries and it was amazing!!! We also had cannolis from an Italian bakery in our neighborhood in Brooklyn called Fortunato Brothers.”

In addition to encouraging guests to take home the centerpieces the McKeever’s gave out the most amazing raw chocolates called Buddha Cups by Buddha Chocolate.

In honor of spring the bridesmaid and her boyfriend used calla lilies for the brides bouquet,  “as they are such a sacred flower of sexual union and fertility. We used lots of purple because that is Monty’s and my favorite color.”

Rebecca is a doula in New York and you can read her blog at http://sapientiaoscen.tumblr.com/


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