TLove and Jeanette

Married August 29, 2015


Photos: Molly Haley  truly captures the color, beauty and love in all the details of TLove and Jeanette’s Wedding.


eco friendly hemp wedding dress vest and pants

Click… click… click… if Jeanette could, she would tap her red boots three times and be brought right back to her wedding day. Rose petals spiraled down the yellow brick aisle as Jeanette walked down to the chuppah. Jeanette looked like a goddess in her hemp silk wedding dress. She was so beautiful TLove was short of breath. T was so nervous she had to ask her friend Alex for help with her bow tie.

Hemp wedding dress and suit by Tara Lynn Bridal LGBT wedding ceremony


 LGBT Wedding Vows Tara Lynn Bridal Wedding dresses and suits
 Other subtle hints of the Wizard of Oz included the processional music.

hemp wedding dresses and suits LGBT ceremony

Jeanette and TLove closed their ceremony with a 125 person kaleidoscope yoga circle.

LGBT wedding Ceremony wedding attire by Tara Lynn Bridal

The ceremony was held among the apple trees and the reception was in a gorgeous rustic barn  at the Live Well Farm in Harpswell, Maine.



Live Well Barn Maine Weddings


Barn Wedding Maine Hemp Wedding dress and suit Tara Lynn

The wedding was almost entirely vegan and local from the food to the clothing. They catered a southwestern themed vegan buffet. Their friend Shelby made a vegan Oreo cookie ganache cake. They purchased flowers from the farm where they have a CSA. T’s hemp vest, shirt, bow tie and pants were custom made as was Jeannette’s hemp wedding dress, both were made in Vermont at Tara Lynn Bridal.

open back wedding dress and Local wedding flowers maine



hemp wedding dress and suit by Tara Lynn Bridal




Vegan Wedding Dishes local food hemp wedding dress by Tara Lynn

Banjo man

For Jeanette the most memorable part of the day was the first dance waltzing to “my Moon” by Mary Lambert, “T was so handsome! She twirled me and caught me.”

moon light dancing

Music and lighting

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Written in the barn in Hebrew you will find the message,  “To Live Well is the best revenge.” A message this couple takes seriously.

Hemp wedding attire eco friendly wedding