Custom Wedding Dress Trains 

for Boho Wedding Dresses

Boho Wedding Dresses by Tara Lynn have unique, customized trains.  Eco-fashion designer Tara Lynn is known for working with brides to create beautiful dresses and trains made from beads, seashells, feathers, and more.  Your unique train will be remembered and cherished forever! Some clients even use them to decorate their homes after the wedding. 

Many clients send us their own items for use in the train.  As well, Tara Lynn has a treasure chest of glass and semi-precious beads, shells, and feathers to choose from for your custom length train.  Accent your dress with a train woven from elements of nature.


boho wedding dresses

Beautiful seashell wedding dress trains custom-made by Tara Lynn invoke the ocean.


boho wedding dresses

Tara Lynn working with feathers, beads, and stones to make a personalized wedding dress train for an environmental scientist.


Boho wedding dresses

Bohemian seashell and feather beaded wedding dress trains are custom-made by Tara Lynn to add elements of nature to your eco-friendly wedding dress.


Boho Wedding Dresses

Crystal Bowersox’s long and gorgeous seashell and beads wedding dress train.


Boho Wedding Dresses

Custom-made dreamcatcher wedding dress train with shells and feathers specially chosen by the bride.


boho wedding dresses

This beaded seashell train is perfect for a butterfly appliqued hemp and organic cotton wedding dress.  The combination elegantly captures the elements of wind and water.


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Are you looking for a natural, alternative wedding dress that captures your spirit? You’re going to feel right at home when you speak directly with eco-couture fashion designer Tara Lynn. She will help you find or design eco-friendly, unique wedding dresses and trains.  Call 802-467-9036 for a personalized experience.

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Tara Lynn is a certified tailor and graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology. She has been making custom hemp and natural fiber clothing since 1999.