Colorful Wedding Dresses

“I’m THRILLED with the dress! It’s really, seriously, super awesome and beautiful, and it makes me feel beautiful, curvaceous, and happy again, like a wedding dress should!” 

— Hillary, UT and wed in CA

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colorful wedding dresses

Hillary and Josh were married in a picturesque setting atop Mt. Shasta in California. Her hemp-silk dress was adorned with hand- embroidered symbols of her travels through California, Utah, Connecticut, Minnesota, and Vermont.

Hillary and Josh were married on the top of Mount Shasta in California.  A California native, Hillary lived in Utah and traveled Vermont, Connecticut, and Minnesota. Her gown was embellished with colorful, handmade flowers from these states including poppies, lupines, and trails of sea shells mingling with sequins.

Hillary’s princess seam gown has an empire waist line. Her wedding dress is made of hemp and silk.  The back laces up with cranberry ribbon and the train is detachable.

colorful wedding dresses

Back lacing with cranberry ribbon and a detachable train.



Hillary & Josh wedding photography provided by:

Doug Plummer, Photographer





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