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LGBT Custom Wedding Dresses

 “Thank you so much Tara Lynn- this is everything I have been looking forward to!” Laura, PA

Leah and Laura found Tara Lynn Bridal online while searching for hemp and silk wedding gowns. They were enthused to find Tara Lynn offered elegant custom wedding dresses and personal service.

Leah sent Tara Lynn photos of gowns she liked bits and pieces of. Tara Lynn worked with her to come up with a custom wedding dress design that made her feel and look beautiful.

Together, Leah and Laura shared poppy and dragonfly themes between their two custom wedding dresses.  Poppies with hovering dragonflies embellish Laura’s dress, and Leah has a poppy beaded on the front of her waistband with two kissing dragonflies beaded on the back of it.

custom wedding dresses; LGBT weddings“THE DRESSES!!! are fabulous. The details with which you applied Laura’s applique and continued the themes in my dress with delicate beading around my empire waist are phenomenal. We had so much fun visiting you. It was a chance to “get away” and you are such a friend from minute one. You are super relaxed and dealt with my changing mind so well. The product was two complimentary dresses that we loved, loved each other in, that made great memories of our wedding. We have such gratitude in finding you to help our dreams come true.”  – Leah H., PA

Leah & Laura photography provided by:
Catherine Hennessy Photography

Leah tells about her wedding day:

“Our wedding day was so beautiful that it still makes me cry tears of joy and disbelief. We got married at the Society for Colonial Dames in Philadelphia. They have a beautiful garden. We had so much fun planning the wedding! The ceremony was there and then reception was at the The Warwick Hotel-part of the Radisson hotels. It was October 4, 2009, sunny and warm. We invited people that we felt in our hearts should be there. It was such a fun, tearful, beautiful ceremony and wedding reception. People still talk about it. We had it on a Sunday afternoon to help out people with children and we had a children’s table with crafts. We had lots of fun games and people just were having a grand ole goofy time.”

“Laura got me the most fabulous candy buffet. She does nothing half-As*-ed, my wife, hehe. Laura and I wanted the wedding to be about how much we appreciated our guests/family. You could feel the love throughout the ceremony and reception.”

Believe it: you just found the place for Truly Unique Custom Wedding Dresses!

Were you feeling out of place in the sea of white fluffy taffeta wedding dresses? Are you looking for a natural, alternative wedding dress that is you? You’re going to feel right at home when you speak directly with eco-couture fashion designer Tara Lynn. She will help you find or design eco-friendly, unique wedding dresses that feel like you! Call 802-467-9036 for a magical and personal experience.

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Tara Lynn is a certified tailor and graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology. She has been making custom hemp and natural fiber clothing since 1999.