Custom Wedding Veils, Unique Headpieces, and Boutonierres


Eco-fashion designer Tara Lynn focuses one-on-one with brides to create personalized, eco-friendly, custom wedding veils, headpieces, and boutonnierres.

She brings out the innate and ethereal beauty in every eco-bride.

Natural and eco-friendly materials are used to make the bridal accessories such as silk illusion, cotton netting, recycled tulle, and vintage lace.

She incorporates thematic elements from the wedding dress to create a beautiful look for the bride.  

Every spring Tara Lynn clips branch sprouts from the weeping willow tree in her yard.  She shapes and intertwines the supple shoots to make woodland nymph head pieces for her customers.





Believe it!

You just found the place for Truly Unique Custom Wedding Veils, Headpieces, and Boutonierres!

Were you feeling out of place in the sea of white, fluffy, taffeta wedding dresses and accessories? You’re going to feel right at home when you speak directly with eco-couture fashion designer Tara Lynn. She will help you capture your spirit in an eco-friendly, unique wedding dress and headpiece! Call 802-467-9036 for a magical and personal experience.


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Tara Lynn is a certified tailor and graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology. She has been making custom hemp and natural fiber clothing since 1999.