An Eco-friendly Gown

Miss Vermont Goes Green in a Custom- Made, Eco-friendly Gown

Miss Vermont's eco-friendly gown

Miss Vermont’s completed dress

Miss Vermont 2008, Ashley Ruth Wheeler, was looking for an eco- friendly gown to wear to the Miss America Pageant in 2008. She hired Tara Lynn, a local eco-fashion designer, to create her pageantry gown. 

Her custom gown was made of shiney, bronze-colored hemp silk.  Tara Lynn accented it with panels of hand-sequined, gold lace. The lace was found in Tara Lynn’s collection of re-purposed and vintage trims. A glamorous gown, it was built to flatter and accentuate Ashley’s well-toned figure. The wrapping, low-cut bodice, high slit, and low back gave her the elegant details she was looking for in a sophisticated but eco-conscious dress.

Photos by: Steve Legge, Image North Photography,

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