Organic Cotton Wedding Dress

Valeria’s Organic Cotton Wedding Dress

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organic cotton wedding dress

Tara Lynn helps her best friend, Val, get ready for the ceremony. This custom-made dress included pic-stitched swallowtails from her hem to her bodice.

I had the honor of making a very unique, organic cotton wedding dress for my best friend’s wedding.

Valeria Tumasella married Matthew Elliott on a rainy, October day.  The bride custom-ordered an organic cotton wedding dress. She envisioned twirling around in a full skirt and moccasins on the dance floor. Together, Val and I hand pic-stitched, in organic cotton thread, the silhouettes of swallowtails from her hem to her bodice. All around her skirt the birds flew. When we cut away the organic cotton centers they revealed a contrasting, silk and linen underlining. Tara Lynn added two embroidered swallowtails on the bodice and at the neck line.

Val also ordered a custom-designed cotton veil and organic cotton knit bolero to go with her organic cotton wedding dress.

The Wedding Day

Valeria and Matthew’s wedding ceremony took place in a natural outdoor

organic cotton wedding dress

Val envisioned a dress that would twirl around her. This silk and linen gown was paired with a long, cotton veil and organic cotton knit bolero. All around the hem of the skirt, swallowtails flew!

amphitheater on the family’s farm.  It was October, and it rained all day. I cried during the ceremony. For me, the rain was symbolic of the tears cried by Valeria’s mother and Matthew’s father as they watched from some distant place; their daughter and son united.

True love prevailed as the bride and groom proceeded with the ceremony in the rain. Friends and family dotted the field with colorful umbrellas. Rain or shine, love and happiness was in the air.

Photos By: California wedding photographer JSL Pictures





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