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Flowers by: blooms by the box

Fair Trade Wedding Dress Made in Vermont


Gabriela manages a non-profit fair trade store called Ten Thousand Villages.

Braden is under contract to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. 

Braden proposed while on a road trip through Colorado down to New Mexico.  Gabriela said “He proposed on the Rio Grand Gorge Bridge.  It was awesome! There was a thunderstorm rolling in and the view of the Gorge and the mountains was unreal.”


Mexican Embroidered Hemp Wedding Dress by Tara Lynn


Gabriela ordered a custom made Mariana gown and asked that it be embroidered with bright and bold colors inspired by Mexico and Latin America folk art, bright reds, blues, oranges, yellows.


Rustic Wedding Ideas Nebraska


“Our wedding was supposed to be outside in the Sandhills of Nebraska (where I spent much of my childhood), near the Niobrara River.  We had planned to have our ceremony totally outside on this really pretty, grassy area of the farm between two really big trees.  It had been raining and storming off and on all day and we had to move our ceremony into the tent we rented last minute.  It was raining up until the ceremony, but when we walked out of the house to walk down the “aisle” the sun came out and it was absolutely magical.  Everything was bathed in this beautiful glow.


Eco-friendly Hemp Wedding Dress

“My wedding dress fit right in to my personality and how we wanted the wedding to be-bright, cheery, lively and loud!”


Wildflower wedding bouquet ideas

Iggy the best dog.


We ordered our flowers and my Mom sort of headed the arrangement assembly line.  A lot of us helped out and it’s a lovely memory for me.  We were gathered around a picnic table in the sun (the day before the wedding) and everyone was taking all these vintage containers-bottles, cans, etc and filling them with the wildflowers I’d ordered.  They turned out stunning!


Natural hemp wedding dress with mexican embroidery

Hippie Wedding Dresses by Tara Lynn Bridal


We created the ceremony ourselves after lots of research on rituals/readings etc.  We borrowed lots of elements from things we read and put our own spin on it all.  Our whole wedding party joined in at the end to help us wrap things up with a song!  We were all dancing and laughing.


Bohemian Hippie and Rustic Wedding Inspirations


Hemp Hippie Wedding Dresses by Tara Lynn


We also had a henna tattoo artist at the wedding and this was so much fun for our guests! Everyone lined up to get their tattoos and she decked them out with awesome glitter so it was awesome to see everyone sparkling and showing off their henna.



Piranha Plant Cupcakes

Piranha plant cupcakes, chocolate cinnamon moon pies, Nutella coconut bonbons and jello cookies, oh my!


We had a dessert buffet!  We had a baker make us piranha plant cupcakes (from Mario Brothers) and also a champagne flavored cake with a custom made cake topper to look like the High Life girl in the moon!  Braden collects antique/vintage high life memorabilia and we both love beer so it was perfect.  We also ordered baklava from a small restaurant in Lincoln and it was so tasty!  My Mom and I planned out and made the rest of the desserts including chocolate cinnamon moon pies, Nutella coconut bonbons and jello cookies!


Rustic Bride Wedding Cake



We went for a sort of BBQ picnic/Nebraska sort of fare.  We had pulled pork, vegetarian lasagna, Italian marinated chicken, grilled red potatoes, asparagus and corn casserole.  The food was all done by good friends of ours and it was so delicious!!


Rustic Wedding Inspiration Lighting


We had a bonfire later in the night and lots of guests whipped out their guitars for a jam session (including my Dad and brother).



We also had karaoke going and as we tipped back more spirits, we sang so many songs and had a blast! 🙂  We wanted our wedding to have lots of different elements so that there was something that appealed to everyone.  All we wanted was for everyone to have a great time! In the evening everyone  had a BLAST frolicking around with sparklers and fireworks.


Hippie Wedding Dress Made in Vermont


“My dress was so awesome and I have been showered with compliments on it.  It fit right in to my personality and how we wanted the wedding to be-bright, cheery, lively and loud! 🙂 “





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