A truly unique wedding dress begins with a personal story.


This digitally printed wedding dress captures the love of the bride’s late father, wildlife in Colorado, and a fun-loving bride with an imagination and colorful personality. 


This is where it all begins. 

Custom Wedding Dress Sketch by Tara Lynn


 The sketches are created after Tara Lynn talks with the bride about dress styles, fit, and body image. A very important aspect of Tara Lynn’s design success is that her gowns flatter all the things that make a bride the wonderful woman she is: her spirit, her passions, and her uniquely wonderful physical features.

This bride, Molly, wanted her late father’s Colorado wildlife photos printed on her dress. Pileated woodpeckers, marmots, a bear, and goats were among the bride’s favorites.

Tara Lynn loves design challenges!

How did she make a beautiful bridal gown featuring such an unusual array of design features?


Moth for digitally printed wedding dress

This moth will come alive on Molly’s printed wedding dress.

Images Tara Lynn used to create Molly’s
custom printed wedding dress.


Digitally Printed Wedding Dress by Tara Lynn


Digitally Printed Wedding Dress by Tara Lynn


Printed Wedding Dress Rainbow


Wildlife Printed Wedding Dress by Tara Lynn

Molly sent Tara Lynn over 100 photos of Colorado Wildlife, taken by her late father,  to incorporate into an digitally engineered printed wedding dress.


  The Sample  & First Fitting 


Custom made wedding dress by Tara Lynn

Tara Lynn drapes a conceptual sample using a test print on silk organza before drafting Molly’s pattern. This print was designed using plates from Norman and Eve Rockwell Botanical Prints. Molly’s print will be designed using the photographs her father took of Colorado wildlife. 


Couture Wedding Dress by Tara Lynn Bridal

Drafting the bodice pattern pieces.


Custom wedding dress by Tara Lynn

Tara Lynn does the design, pattern making, fitting and sewing of Molly’s custom wedding dress.


Custom Fit Wedding Dress by Tara Lynn

Cutting the interfacing for the bodice pieces. Tara Lynn uses unique rocks as waits to keep the pattern pieces and fabrics from shifting. 


Couture Wedding Dress

Tracing and cutting the silk organza skirt pieces. 


Custom Fit Wedding Dress by Tara Lynn

Silk taffeta skirt and bodice interlining, (the inside of the bodice that all the boning gets sewn to), both are ready for Molly’s first fitting.


The Second Fitting 

These are the crucial steps; fitting the bust perfectly, determining length, making sure the straps are comfortable and finalizing the design details. Between fittings our bride stayed at The Burke View Inn with Joan Laplant.


Custom Petticoat by Tara Lynn

Making the Petticoat just a little bit fluffier in the back than the front.



Custom fit Wedding Dress by Tara Lynn

Fitting multiple bodice layers for the perfect fit.


Pattern Making by Tara Lynn

Perfecting the pattern for the front bodice. Once this is done we can digitize the pattern into the computer and engineer the print.


Custom Bridal Shop

The bodice is made in multiple layers; interlining is the layer with the boning sew to it, a silk lining is against the body, the printed silk organza will go over a silk taffeta under layer and that is faced with interfacing. All together there are five layers of fabric. Except for the back panel which is a sheer two layers of silk organza.


Custom Wedding Dress by Tara Lynn Bridal

We are ready to design the print and prepare for the third fitting.


Next Week: Designing the Print 

We called Megan McCall in to help us with the print design… until next week… 



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